A Personalized Approach to ABA

We are an autism therapy provider serving children from 18 months to 9 years old.
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Welcome to Mindful and Modern ABA Therapies

We are an autism therapy provider serving children from 18 months to 9 years old. Our personalized approach to autism ABA therapies uses the power of Montessori’s educational philosophy. For over 100 years, Montessori has revolutionized learning – empowering children to learn in their own style. 

A focus on the whole child

Mindful and Modern Therapies utilizes evidence-based treatment strategies paired with hands-on learning with Montessori methods. We focus on customizing our approach to your child in every thing we do. This puts a child on the best path to growth – emotionally, intellectually, and physically. Our learning environment is calm, consistent and safe. Our inside therapy spaces provide natural sunlight and Montessori-certified learning tools, while our outside space allows for nature to be explored.

Plans with a purpose

For over 20 years, we have serviced children with autism alongside children of all abilities in our environment. Maria Montessori International Academy. Mindful and Modern Therapies began after seeing a need to develop therapy plans that incorporates a child’s educational pursuits. What we focus on most is creating plans that promote learning development. The skills and sessions we provide build upon one another so your child can enjoy the process of becoming a life-long learner. We enable them to achieve their educational and functional goals.

Our Services

Autism Diagnosis
Autism Diagnosis

Because your child must be diagnosed with ASD before they can enroll with MMAT; we offer in-house assessments covered by insurance.


Providing ABA therapy in an inclusive Montessori setting gives children a chance to develop social skills while receiving individual therapy.

ABA Therapy
ABA Therapy

Highly customized to each child, ABA therapy develops social skills, increases independence, and supports the transition to traditional classrooms.

Behavior Consultation
Occupational Therapy

Some children who may struggle with environmental factors such as basic self-care activities really benefit from Occupational Therapy.

Insurance Consultation
Speech Therapy

It assists by teaching children how to communicate what they want in a way that they can be understood by others.

Behavior Consultation
Behavior Consultation

We work with families, guiding them on how to continue therapeutic practices at home–leading to lasting, positive behavioral change.

Behavior Consultation
Insurance Consultation

Our insurance experts help determine whether your specific insurance plan covers our services, and handles all your claims and filing.

Artism Spectrum Series
AIMS Academy

Our focus at MMAT is to design a comprehensive treatment plan for your child’s success while experiencing peer inclusion.

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Why Choose Mindful and Modern Therapies for My Child?

At Mindful and Modern ABA Therapy, we are excited to offer a very unique component to everyday ABA therapy for our children. Because we are a sister company of Maria Montessori International, we are able to provide our children not only ABA services, but one alongside typical developing peers. This is fantastic way to promote social skills in a typical setting and allow our children to interact socially while focusing on closing the gap in their social deficits. Each child has a treatment plan developed with our BCBA D and group therapy is a part of the plan for each child. This gives each child an opportunity to learn how to make friends, keep friends and provide a wonderful foundation for their success when they transition to school.

More About Our Approach
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What Parents Say

Deborah and David T.

God is truly at work in Center. Wesley’s therapists went above and beyond our expectations. We are forever grateful to each and every one of them and will miss them so much. They are our Cornerstone family!

Synphanie S.

My son loves going to Center and that’s always going to be a good sign for me. I can see the progress he’s made since going here. I love how all of the therapists can about him. Best thing to happen for our family this year!