At Mindful and Modern ABA Therapy we are excited to offer a very unique component to everyday ABA therapy for our children. Because we are a sister company of Maria Montessori International, we are able to provide our children not only ABA services but one alongside typically developing peers. This is a fantastic way to promote social skills in a typical setting and allow our children to interact socially while focusing on closing the gap in their social deficits. Each child has a treatment plan developed with our BCBA and interacting with peers is a part of the plan for each child. This gives each child an opportunity to learn how to make friends, and keep friends and provides a wonderful foundation for their success when they transition to school.

The Mindful and Modern Unique Approach

Because we are a sister company with Maria Montessori International, ABA therapy learners are not only exposed to their clinical personnel but also special education professionals that have familiarity with Montessori philosophies and have behavior analytic knowledge. This powerful combination allows us to better support the unique needs of the child in both skill development and behavior.

Autism Inclusion Montessori Setting

Inclusion ClassroomOur AIMS Academy is an inclusive environment with roles models to gain practice in a realistic settings for social development, practical life skills, self advocacy while building up cognitive and language skills. Our small group setting allows for optimal therapy for each child one on one while participating in activities with peers.

ABA Therapies

TherapyOur Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) choose the best techniques for helping children with the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) learn the skills they need to integrate within their family and the greater community.  Creating personalized plans that match their ability levels, our approach incorporates school readiness, social, communication and self-help skills.  Being one of the only therapy centers partnered with Montessori learning environments, we can help your child with integration into the classroom.
What therapeutic & educational services are included for ASD Students?
  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Special Education Teachers
  • Certified Montessori Educators
  • Music
  • Summer Camp
What to expect with Speech Therapy

Our Speech Therapist addresses speech, language, social, play, and cognitive skills as well as help children who have feeding and swallowing challenges.

Our speech therapy will begin with an assessment to identify the type of communication disorder and the best way to treat it.

Speech therapy might include:

  • interacting through talking and playing, and using books, pictures other objects as part of language intervention to help stimulate language development
  • modeling correct sounds and syllables for a child during age-appropriate play to teach the child how to make certain sounds
  • providing strategies and homework for the child and parent on how to do speech therapy at home
What Occupational Therapy targets

Our Occupational Therapist works with you and your child to provide individualized treatment plans that best meet your child’s evolving needs. The treatment plan might include skills like Self-Care, Feeding, Visual Motor, Fine Motor, Social, and Interacting with Peers. The plan is designed for the child to become school ready and to succeed in life.

The main difference between occupational therapy and physical therapy is that OT focuses on improving the child’s ability to perform activities of daily living and PT focuses on improving a child’s ability to perform movement of their body.

Further, we encourage active participation of the whole family unit, allowing all members to acquire the skills they need to achieve a more harmonious dynamic.  This, in turn, will help the family unit integrate into the larger community on various social outings where anxiety for autistic children can be daunting.

Natural Learning Environments

Child holding raspberries in a bowlAt Mindful and Modern, we primarily use natural environment teaching with our learners, incorporating their unique interests into learning opportunities and skill development. Your child’s individualized treatment consists of developing communication and social skills, leisure activities, and navigating the regular day-to-day activities found in life. This approach allows the child to navigate the environment more independently and provides a well-rounded knowledge base.

A Typical Day

Full Day Session
8:00 am to 4:30 pm

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