Our AIMS Academy has a state licensed Special Education teacher that is trained as a Registered Behavioral Therapist. This powerful combination allows us to better understand and work with children who have Autism and behavioral issues. Our therapy team also includes Montessori certified teachers. This allows us to bring Montessori setting to our therapeutic services.

AIMS Academy

AIMS = ABA Therapy + Inclusion in a Montessori Setting

How will AIMS make a difference in my child’s growth?

AIMS is our core philosophy for how we approach ABA Therapy. It’s an ABA approach that believes inclusion into a Montessori setting can allow a child’s education to flourish at their own pace. We want your child to reach their fullest potential for school readiness and in life!

Peer Learning

Inclusion ClassroomSocial play activities, academic work and group lessons are made more meaningful for children with autism when they have ABA Therapy in conjunction with seeing appropriate behaviors modeled by their peers – both peers on-and-off the autism spectrum. In addition, all peers strengthen skills related to acceptance, tolerance and understanding of differences.

Structured, yet Open Environment

AIMS Academy Practical LearningPractical life activities – eating with a fork off of a plate, dishwashing, toileting, activity clean-up, etc. – help children learn to perform various tasks with confidence while improving motors skills and coordination. Providing appropriate and structured transition times for children with autism is important allows a child to understand their day and feel in control of their schedule. Finally, open access to materials and structured play, which is key to every Montessori environment, encourages them to make independent choices and to carry out the activity to completion.


AIMS ChoiceA Montessori setting provides a safe space where children can watch others choose and participate in activities before they get involved themselves. Children enrolled in our ABA services also receive this right to choose whether to participate in group activities or not.

Hands-on Learning

Hands-on LearningBy including Certified Montessori tools into our ABA therapies, the materials a child interacts with are hands-on, which promotes multi-sensory engagement – deepening their connection the behavior modification plan set out for the child.

Safe and Secure

ABA ApproachIn a Montessori setting, each child explores and learns at their own pace. It’s okay that mastery of a subject/skill might take one child longer than another. When behavior services are paired with our Montessori environment, children with autism will be safe and secure knowing that they are not judged or set to a specific standard of progress. We focus on their overall growth.

Collaborated Team Approach

1 on 1 Therapy with the RBTA collaborated effort with Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Montessori Certified Educators, Registered Behavioral Therapists (RBTs), Speech Language Pathologist (SLP), Occupational Therapist (OT), State Licensed Special Education Teachers to bring the most comprehensive treatment plans for your child’s success.

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