2019 STREAM Summer Camp

Inclusive and Open to All  •   Ages 2 – 9

Week-long Camps Starting June 3rd – Aug 2nd

MMT camps encourage play, imagination, and lifelong STREAM learners!

MMT and its sister school MMIA provide inclusive camps unlike anything your child will experience this summer.  We spend over $30,000 every year to bring the best activities to our summer camp participants.  For children who attend Maria Montessori International Academy, our camps are inclusive with their tuition price. To learn more about enrolling your child, please click here.

Our inclusive camps include physical activity with a STREAM focus, or Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, and Math.  With activities that center on the whole child, we create the space for your child to play and learn.  No matter your child’s abilities, they will have a great time!

Camps are open to the public and can be purchased in one week increments. There are a total of 8 weeks of our STREAM Summer Camps at our West Carmel/Zionsville and Indianapolis locations, starting June 3rd and going until August 2nd.  Each location will have different activities available, and a schedule can be located lower in this page.  For more information about pricing, and other info, please request through the button below:

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Activities at Our Camps in 2019

KIBO Robotics

Learning to Code

Our exciting new addition, KIBO Robotics from KinderLab teaches children 4-7 how to code. Designing, building, and playing with their very own robot is the icing on the cake!  With KIBO, children of all abilities and skills will be able to enjoy playing with electronics.  Our staff will be on-hand to guide and help as needed.

STEM in the Gym

Play + Learning = FUN!

This camp helps kinesthetic learners connect to academics. Essentially, it’s combining the ‘science of forces’ throughout science, technology, engineering, and mathematics into physical education.  It’s also one of the favorite programs for our summer camp attendees.

Dig Art! Cultivating Creativity in the Garden

Combining Art in Real Life Settings

Explore the garden in this fun week where children learn about nature while creating art. Plant fruits and vegetables, plus design a pot to take home, collect natural materials and incorporate them into your artworks. The books The Night Gardener and A Seed is Sleepy will be read, too.

Home on the Range at MMIA and Conner Prairie

Field Trip Fun!

Bringing in Conner Prairie reenactors to MMIA to teach our children life as it was in the 1800s. The week ends with a trip to Conner Prairie for some truly unique experiences your child will not forget.

Culinary Camp: A Taste of Africa

Exploring Their World Through Food

Young cooks will roll up their sleeves to explore color, texture, taste and science with foods from Africa while working with a professional preschool teacher. Through a hands-on experience, young palates are inspired to try what they create and become more nutritious and adventurous eaters!

3D Art, Sculpture, and Print Making

Art + Technology

We will work with watercolors, pastels, acrylics, zentangles, chalk, sketching and other drawing techniques with junk art to create 3-D masterpieces.

Robotic Puppetry: Story Telling with Hands & Apps

Technology & Storytelling

Combine the art of story telling with robots in MMIA’s puppetry camp. Your child will learn about shadow puppet theater, music and story telling done through the help of Robin Lee Holm and David Wright.

Environmental Camp at Holliday Park

Exploring Nature Through Play

This week includes daily trips to Holliday Park to learn about photosynthesis and the animals, birds, and insects living in the park. The week is capped off by the ever-popular creek stomp. Your child will love cooling off by getting muddy and wet!

See below for our STREAM Summer Camp schedules:

Week 1 – Jun. 3rd: Dig Art! Cultivating Creativity in the Garden

Week 2 – Jun. 10th: STEM in the Gym

Week 3 – Jun. 17th: Conner Prairie

Week 4 – Jun. 24th: Robotic Puppetry

Week 5 – Jul. 8th: KIBO Robotics

Week 6 – Jul. 15th: Culinary Camp: A Taste of Africa

Week 7 – Jul. 22nd: Environmental Camp at Holliday Park

Week 8 – Jul. 29th: 3D Art, Sculpture, and Print Making


Please call 317.460.6599 or click the button below to get full details! Camps are open to the public and can be purchased in one week increments.  There are a total of 8 weeks of our STREAM Summer Camps, starting June 3rd and going until August 2nd.

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